Lauener Foundation for Analytical Philosophy


Thursday 27 May 2010
Bern, Switzerland

4th International Lauener Symposium on Analytical Philosophy
In Honour of Professor Sir Michael Dummett


Chair: Prof. Dr. Richard Glauser (Université de Neuchâtel)

09.00-09.50 Dr. Daniel Isaacson (University of Oxford)
Theories of Meaning, Realist and Anti-Realist (Abstract)

10.00-10.50 Prof. Dr. Eva Picardi (Università di Bologna)
The Significance of Frege’s Context Principle. Some Remarks

10.50-11.10 Coffee Break

11.10-12.00 Prof. Dr. Dale Jacquette (Universität Bern)
Dummett on Truth-Makers, Frege's Analysis of Sentence Meaning, and the Slingshot Argument

12.10-13.00 Prof. Dr. Crispin Wright (New York University/University of Aberdeen)
Whence the Paradox? Axiom V and Indefinite Extensibility (Abstract)

13.00-14.30 Lunch Break

Chair: Prof. Dr. Alex Burri (Universität Erfurt),
Member of the Foundation Council

14.30-15.20 Prof. Dr. Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford)
Logics and Metalogics (Abstract)

15.30-16.20 Prof. Dr. Dagfinn Føllesdal (Stanford University/Universitetet i Oslo)
Are There Non-Material Objects and If So, How Can They Be Known? Husserl and Gödel

16.20-16.40 Coffee Break

16.40-17.30 Prof. Sir Michael Dummett (University of Oxford)
Closing Speech (Abstract)

17.30 End of the Symposium

Venue: Haus der Universität, Schlösslistrasse 5, Bern, Switzerland


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