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Dr. Stephan Hottinger, Vice-President of the Lauener Foundation
Jazz Trio: Phil Stöckli (Sax); Michael Beck (Piano); Dominique Girod (Bass)
Laudatio: Prof. Dr. Kevin Mulligan (Univ. Genève)
Presentation of the Lauener Prize for Young Talents 2005
Prize Winner Speech: Philipp Keller M. A. (Univ. Genève)
Prof. Dr. Daniel Schulthess and Dr. Daniel Höchli  (Director SNF/FNS)
Cocktail (Dr. S. Hottinger)
Cocktail (Prof. Dr. Alex Burri)
Dr. Michael Frauchiger and Dr. Daniel Höchli
Prize Winner: Philipp Keller
Prof. Dr. Kevin Mulligan
Philipp Keller