Lauener Foundation for Analytical Philosophy

Thursday 21 June 2012,
Bern, Switzerland

Lauener Prize for Up-and-Coming Philosophers
Prizewinner 2012 Professor Christian Wüthrich

Professor Christian Wüthrich

(University of California, San Diego)

Lauener Prize for Up-and-Coming Philosophers

This year's winner of the Lauener Prize for Up-and-Coming Philosophers is Professor Christian Wüthrich. He teaches as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and of Science Studies at the University of California at San Diego. Over the past years, Christian Wüthrich has been making remarkable contributions to the Philosophy of Physics (especially regarding foundational issues in General Theory of Relativity and in Quantum Theories of Gravity) as well as to General Philosophy of Science (e.g. concerning determinism, laws of nature, testability of models and empirical coherence of theories), and to Metaphysics (e.g. regarding the foundations and nature of space and time, structural realism, identity, accounts of causation).

Professor Christian   Wüthrich

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