Lauener Foundation for Analytical Philosophy

Thursday 03 September 2009,
Geneva, Switzerland

Lauener Prize forUp-and-Coming Philosophers
Prizewinner 2009 Dr. Stephan Leuenberger

Dr. Stephan Leuenberger

(University of Glasgow)

Lauener Prize forUp-and-Coming Philosophers

This year’s winner of the Lauener Prize for Up-and-Coming Philosophers is Dr. Stephan Leuenberger .

He teaches as a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. Dr. Stephan Leuenberger has made substantial contributions to research in core areas of analytical philosophy, including metaphysics (metaphysics of properties, of modality, supervenience, the nature of objective probability), philosophy of mind (physicalism, conceivability, intentionality), epistemology (probabilistic epistemology, decision theory) as well as philosophy of language and of science.

Dr. Stephan    Leuenberger

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