Lauener Foundation for Analytical Philosophy

Friday 22 June 2007,
Bern (Switzerland)

Lauener Prize forUp-and-Coming Philosophers
Prizewinner 2007 Dr. Daniel Schoch

Dr. Daniel Schoch

(Saarland University)

Lauener Prize forUp-and-Coming Philosophers

This year’s winner of the Lauener Prize for Up-and-Coming Philosophers is Dr. Daniel Schoch. He teaches with Saarland University as a lecturer in philosophy and is currently working out the details of his habilitation thesis.

Daniel Schoch has been working on a diverse range of subjects in analytical philosophy, making his mark especially with monographs and papers in philosophy of science, epistemology, ontology, philosophy of quantum mechanics, decision theory, philosophy of economics, social choice theory, and ethics of risk.

A strong interdisciplinary orientation as well as computational connections are special features of his work, which makes a substantial contribution to the practical applicability of analytical philosophy.

Dr. Daniel  Schoch

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