Lauener Foundation for Analytical Philosophy

Friday 28 October 2005,
Bern, Switzerland

Lauener Prize for Young Talents
Prizewinner 2005 Dr. Philipp Keller

Dr. Philipp Keller

(University of Geneva)

Lauener Prize for Young Talents

The foundation’s first winner of the Lauener Prize for Young Talents was Philipp Keller . He teaches with the University of Geneva as an assistant lecturer in philosophy and is currently doing his Ph.D. at the same university under the supervision of Professor Kevin Mulligan. He has been working on many different subjects in Analytical Philosophy, focussing mainly on metaphysics, philosophy of logics, and epistemology.

Moreover he has done services to the profession, e.g. as managing editor of Dialectica, a European journal for Analytical Philosophy.

Dr. Philipp   Keller

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