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The Lauener Library of Analytical Philosophy

The Lauener Library of Analytical Philosophy is a book series at De Gruyter, which is edited by Wilhelm K. Essler, Dagfinn Føllesdal and Michael Frauchiger on behalf of the Lauener-Stiftung. This series assembles high-quality anthologies from different domains of analytical philosophy. The books in the Lauener Library provide an opportunity for leading authors in the field to critically connect their own philosophical problems and reasoning with the themes and arguments of select classical exponents of analytical philosophy - those who have been awarded the Lauener Prize for an Outstanding Oeuvre in Analytical Philosophy. Most of the anthologies in the series comprise the awardees' detailed commentaries on each of the included articles, thereby allowing for an extended and constructive philosophical conversation to develop.

The first book in this series, titled Representation, Evidence, and Justification: Themes from Suppes , edited by Michael Frauchiger and Wilhelm K. Essler, appeared in 2008. It is available both in hard covers and as an eBook. This anthology joins together contributions by Patrick Suppes, Dagfinn Føllesdal, Nancy Cartwright, Wilhelm K. Essler, Steven French, Stephan Hartmann, and Michael Frauchiger. Patrick Suppes' detailed commentaries on each of the articles as well as the extensive interview with him elicit a spirit of constructive academic conversation. The collection as a whole puts a different and stimulating perspective on a variety of issues on which Suppes has set out ideas that still point the way ahead.

The second book in the Lauener Library of Analytical Philosophy, titled Reference, Rationality, and Phenomenology: Themes from Føllesdal, edited by Michael Frauchiger, appeared in 2013. It is available both in hard covers and as an eBook. This collection contains a wealth of original articles covering significant topics on which Føllesdal has had a formative impact. Moreover, the book includes Føllesdal's in-depth commentaries on the other contributors' articles as well as an incisive memoir of Føllesdal the philosopher and a spanning interview with him. With contributions from Dagfinn Føllesdal, Charles Parsons, Patrick Suppes, Jon Elster, John Perry, Michael Friedman, Dag Prawitz, Wilhelm K. Essler, David Woodruff Smith, Olav Gjelsvik, Graciela De Pierris, Nils Roll-Hansen, Christian Beyer, Øystein Linnebo, Michael Frauchiger.

The third book in the Lauener Library of Analytical Philosophy, titled Modalities, Identity, Belief, and Moral Dilemmas: Themes from Barcan Marcus , edited by Michael Frauchiger, appeared in 2015. It is available both in hard covers and as an eBook. This collection of essays opens up new stimulating perspectives on a broad variety of Barcan Marcus’s concerns ranging from quantified modal logic, identity, extensionality, proper names and direct reference, quantification, essentialism, second-order modal logic, the Barcan formula, possibilia and possible worlds to epistemic and deontic modalities, belief without language, rationality, moral dilemmas, and much more. The contributions demonstrate that Barcan Marcus’s philosophical work has had a formative influence on the directions in which current key debates in philosophy have developed. The book brings together contributions by Ruth Barcan Marcus, Timothy Williamson, Dagfinn Føllesdal, Joëlle Proust, Pascal Engel, Edgar Morscher, Erik J. Olsson, and Michael Frauchiger.

The fourth book in the Lauener Library of Analytical Philosophy, titled Truth, Meaning, Justification, and Reality: Themes from Dummett , edited by Michael Frauchiger, is forthcoming in fall 2016. It will be available both in hard covers and as an eBook. This collection concentrates on vital themes from Michael Dummett, one of the most influential and creative analytic philosophers of our time. The contributors, who include some of Dummett's distinguished former students, critically reflect on various concerns of Dummett's ground-breaking work in philosophy of language, metaphysics, and philosophy of mathematics and logic. The essays direct towards aspects of Dummett's pioneering work in the history of analytical philosophy, particularly his interpretations of the works of Frege and of Wittgenstein, which in conjunction with Dummett’s own highly original ideas on truth and meaning have shaped decisive contemporary debates concerning notably the distinction between realism and anti-realism. Further, the volume includes a cheerfully serious excursion into popular philosophy by Dummett himself and reveals less known facets of Dummett's many-sided work and activities such as his political philosophy of immigration and asylum, and beyond that, his untiring and warm-hearted campaign for racial justice and humanity. Contributors: Michael Dummett, Eva Picardi, Crispin Wright, Timothy Williamson, Ian Rumfitt, Daniel Isaacson, Dag Prawitz, Dale Jacquette, Alex Burri, Michael Frauchiger.

The fifth and sixth books in the Lauener Library of Analytical Philosophy, which deal with Themes from Putnam and Themes from Dretske, respectively, are currently being edited for publication by M. Frauchiger and will shortly appear in print.



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