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The Lauener-Stiftung
biennially awards a twofold prize
for Analytical Philosophy.

The Lauener Prize is awarded
in recognition of an outstanding oeuvre
in analytical philosophy and,
on the other hand,
in recognition of the promising
achievement of an up-and-coming analytical philosopher.

By giving this twofold prize,
the Lauener Foundation aims at drawing attention
to exemplary bodies of philosophical
work and at encouraging the rising
generation of philosophers to carry on
with their projects in the best analytic traditions.

Foundation Council

Executive Staff


Prof. Dr. Dagfinn Føllesdal


Dr. Stephan Hottinger


Prof. Dr. Alex Burri
Dr. Michael Frauchiger
Prof. Dr. Dale Jacquette
Dieter Jordi, Notar

Managing Member
of the Foundation Council

Dr. Michael Frauchiger

Finance and Accounting

Auditing Office

Former President of the Foundation Council (2003-2013): Prof. Dr. Wilhelm K. Essler

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